How Many Types Of Weft Hair Extensions In Market?

Weft hair extensions is the most be used hair extensions for now,but it have many different kinds to we list some popular

weft hair extension for you reference.

1:machine made weft

Machine made weft also named human hair weaving,human hair bundles,human hair weft,it is the biggest quantity in demand,it be

done all by machine,so the price is the cheapest compared with other kind of weft hair products,but the produce time is the shortest.

2:hand made weft

Hand made weft is a high demand of skill,in past few years,it is also in big demand,but these years as machine weft popular,hand

made weft demand becomes less,it is more expensive than machine weft,and also the shipping time is very long at least need

10-15days shipping.but the advantage is very strong,can last long time than machine weft.

3:skin weft

Skin weft is another kind of hair extensions,it is also made by hand,but is different with hand made weft,skin weft is the hair sewed

on thin skin,and when wear the skin weft,it can sew to head,also can use glue to wear.

4:micro bead weft

Micro beads weft is popular in these years,it is made of machine wefts sew with micro beads,when wear that,put customer own hair

through the beads,and then use pliers tight the beads.

Above is the mainly wefts hair extensions popular on market,no matter which one you choose,before you make choice,please learn

about that very well.any question welcome communicate with us.


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