How many Types of fake scalp lace wigs?

Fake scalp lace wigs had keep hot for sometimes.and as time goes,there also some more updated types fake scalp lace wigs comes,so how many types of fake scalp lace wigs in market now ?

1:the original design fake scalp lace wigs:

For original design fake scalp lace wig,it only cover with one layer on base of lace,and it is done by hand,for this type it is better breathability during this three types fake scalp lace wig,but as it is hand sew,so the line easy to loose after wear sometime.

2:machine made fake scalp

As first original easy to loose after wear sometime,then it comes updated type fake scalp ,machine made fake scalp,it only difference with original one it is made by machine,and covered through glue,so it will much stronger than first type.

3:double layer fake scalp lace wig

Double fake scalp lace wigs different with above two kinds types,it is double layer scalp on base of lace,by this way it can be more natural than one layer fake scalp,and also as it is double layer,than means it be sewed two times,it also stronger than one layer scalp.

Some customer also ask us what the functions for fake scalp lace wig?in fact fake scalp only have a less function on natural,because it is not silk stop ,can not hiddern knots,it still can see the hair knots,but maybe with this kind wig,you need use wig net,this is the only function we think is useful than normal lace wig


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