How long does full lace wig last ?

More and more women would like to wear lace wigs,but no matter you often wear full lace wigs or a newer to wear full lace wig,there have a question you must care very much,it is how long does full lace wig last.

In fact a lace wig last how long time decided by many let us do a more details explain for you.

1:if the lace wig no any quality problem,and you care it well,normally a wig can last around 1-2years.(usually virgin hair full lace wig will last a long time than remy hair)

2:different user customs will lead to a big difference on lace wigs.for example,if you take off lace wigs before sleep every night,the lace wigs will use a longer time than the women who wear lace wig sleep everyday.if you use hair conditioner each time after you wash the wig,the last time also will longer than the women less use hair conditioner.reasonable washing lace wigs can last a longer time than long time no wash or wash too besides lace wig quality problem,the users personal customs also bring a difference for lace wig last.

2:the most important thing,quality.

If you met quality problem,such as shedding,tangle,and lace broken problem,this hard to say (because different supplier quality is different).and also another problem most people will often regardless,it is the bleach knots,many people ask for bleach knots.but if bleach knots deeply,the hair easy to shedding,that also will have a big influence on lace wig last.

So a wig lace time mainly decided by two big is user personal customs,and another is products quality.hope this can help you learn more about lace wig last.


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