Hand Made Skin Weft Hair Extensions

When we face such many kinds of human hair extensions,we are hard to decide which one is better for ourself,we had introduce human hair weft,clips hair,keratin hair in past.now let us introduce another extension,it is skin weft hair extensions.

When talked skin weft hair extensions,the first thing come into your mind is tape hair extensions,but today we would like to talk another kind skin wefts,it is hand made skin wefts.

It is different with tape hair,this kind of hair extensions is made 100% by hand,there is no tape or glue on the weft,so it can not be used like tape hair directly.

Then you will ask how to use this kind of skin weft hair extensions?

Normally there have three kinds to use.1:sew to head directly,it can like human hair weave,use the same way to install the hair on head.2:use the glue or tape ,glue the hair direct to your head.3:together with beads,sew beads on the skin weft,and then put your own hair throw the beads,then use pliers tight the beads.

What the difference with tape hair extensions and human hair weaves?

A:tape hair extensions can be used direct,this kind of skin weft need borrow other things install to head.

B:compared with tape hair extensions,this kind of skin weft can totally phycial.you no need worry will harmful to your own hair.

C:compared with traditional human hair weaves,this kind of skin weft can last longer time,normal hair weave maybe wear around 3-6months,because of the line on the track will loose.by this kind hair extensions,will no this problem,so it can be used maybe 1 years,even longer.

D:as it is sewed in thin skin,so it more soft than human hair weft(because human hair weft no thin skin).

E:for this kind of weft hair extensions as it done all by hand,so it need long time to shipping,normally you should wait around 2 weeks,so it is not as fast as human hair weft.also as it is 100% by hand,so the price is more higher than tape hair and weave hair.


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