hair chapter3

everyone wants beautiful black hair,in fact it is easy to get if you keep the right way,do as the following way ,your hair will become better and better.

1:comb hair in right way,each time before you wash hair,it is better spent a little more time comb your own hair at first,make sure no tangle,comb the hair is motivated by the will of dirt,dirt and hair on the scalp first comb down

2:right shampoo and hair conditioner can give hair nutrition,let hair restore vitality from inside to outside.

therefore ,hair health or not depands on the number and types of hair you use,basically wash hair first and then hair conditioner.

when washing hair must take care of scalp and hair roots,because this two places related the health of your hair.through fingers press your scalp,can increase the health of scalp,blood circulation,of coure can increase hair's health.and then the tips of hair must be careful cleaned,then the hair tail absorb nutrition.

3:note:after washing hair,first use towel dry the wet hair,then use hair dryer,before use hair dryer ,comb all the hair.this can help avoid hair tangle,hurt hair.and also please short the time use hair dryer,and keep distance between hair and hairdryer,around 17cm is the best,because hair dryer is one of the reason made hair hurt

4:if you random hair coloring cause hair perm and badly damaged,so cast your hair surface to prevent the bifucation or is capable of conditioner supplement moisture oil,used to strengthen the hair health

5:the number of hair wash also should be controlled properly,a week is two or three times,more appropriate,also according to personal habits .

have a healthy,smooth hair is the hair of the fundamental,self-confidence is also resulting.


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