glueless full lace wig

Many people would like to wear full lace wigs,but also have most people hesitate to choose a full lace wig,

why? We had look into the people who hesitate to use full lace wig,their answer maybe let you have


The main reason people not like wear full lace wig is that they don’t like use glue or tape.

In fact more and more people not like use glue or one side use glue is too complex to wear,and

another side use glue you should remove that when you take off the wigs.

So in order to meet customers demand,full lace wig without glue or tape,we design glueless full lace wig,

this kind of lace wig keep all advantage of full lace wig,and on base of that,we do some improved,we

changed the back into adjust strip,so that it can adjust the size according to customer head,and we also

add three combs in front of lace wig(some times customer like we add clips),by this way customer can

use the wig as they want,if they want no glue,they can wear use the combs to fixed on head,and if they

want wear with glue,they can cut the combs in front and use glue in front,it is more convenient to switch.

In order to help you know this kind of cap better,here we attached one cap construction:

so after our explain,that can help you do a better choice on lace wigs,besides this kind of glueless full lace wig,we also can custom the wig cap as you imagine,but normally you should send us picture.

now hope you can enjoy full lace wigs very well!


Service team