Full Lace Wigs vs Lace Closures And Lace Frontals,which is better?

When you would like to choose human hair products,there always have so many kinds of choose for you to face.acturally it is really hard for you to choose the one you perfect,because you would like to try both.especially when full lace wigs,lace closures,lace frontals in front of you.we had met so many people hestitate between full lace wigs and human hair pieces.and now hope our words can help you do choose more easier.

Full lace wigs is made of by full lace cap with hair.normally it is designed for a whole head.lace closures and lace frontals normally be designed with a part of lace sew with hair,normally have size 4*4,size 13*4 and so on.it is a part of head,not full head.

When we wear a full lace wig,we normally need a nets to collect all own hair,then put the lace wigs cover the net.that means our own hair is totally covered by full lace wig.so you need worry it have problem blend with your own hair.

Lace closures and lace frontals normally used together with human hair weave(it also can be used individual,but most time it used together with hair weaving),so in most times it is no need collect your own hair with net,because it be sew in your own hair directly.that means it will blend with your own hair,and also need blend with human hair weave perfect.so by this way,you have to promise the weft hair extensions hairstyle should be the same like your lace closure or lace frontals,so that can keep natural.

When install full lace wigs we normally should use glue or tape,it is also have glueless full lace wig,but for lace closures and frontals,you have to sew in head,by this way,another question comes,that is full lace wigs and more convenient to wear,it can be weared when you want,also can take off when you not want,but lace frontals and closures hard to as convenient as full lace wigs.we know that some lace closures and lace frontals can be used individual,you can sew combs or clips on the hair pieces,by this you can just wear where your hair thin in your head.

Products care

Care full lace wigs is more easy,you just need take off the wigs and wash in right way is ok.but if you want wash human hair closures and frontals,that will have a little complexed,if you want wash compeletely,then you should take off both hair weaves and lace closure,that will take much time than lace wigs.

Life time of wigs and closures,normally a full lace wigs can last 1-2years if you care well,and closures and lace frontal also can last longer,but it can not last as long as lace wigs,and even closures and frontals can last longer,but wefts can not,we both know wefts normally last 3-6months,so maybe when you buy lace wigs,yu will thought full lace wigs is more expensive than lace closure with wefts,but if you check the life time,you will find lace wigs not expensive.

But if you would like to change hairstyle frenquently,then lace closures with human hair bundles is a good way.

So if you would like blend with your own hair,and let your own hair breath better,then lace closures and frontals is a good choice for you,but if you don’t like take time,and want a more longer life ,and not like change style too frenquently,then full lace wigs is better choice.no matter which products you choose,please remember choose reliable and good quality suppliers is the most important thing.


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