from hair see woman's character

we often see different kinds of people,and different people have a different hair color,hair length,hair style and so on,here we discuss some interesting things with you .judge woman from her hair.

1:long hair flowing over the shoulder

this kind of woman is more pure and pleasant,have honest heart,gentle and kind personality,have most friends,they think woman nature is a wife,and mother,they will try them best to take care of family after married,more like do full time housewives.

2:wave style flowing over the shoulder

this kind woman hope themself can be looked more glamour ,they more like individual freedom life,this kind of woman have a great appeal to man.and they have a great enthusiasm on their career,and they think succeed of career is a chip to improve their glamour.

3:long hair without make up

this kind woman less do hair care,they think more care is pretenious,so they not like dress up,leave peole a sample feeling,normally this kind people have connotation,but less creative.

4:short hair on woman

this woman is hearty spirit,full of vigor,they don't care that made them lost much womanliness.they life conditioning,know the order of priority,they deal with thing straightforward,and don't like slow

5:bun hair

this kind woman more traditional,they know importance of family,Loved ones,strive to maintain the superior authority,not like change,and clinging to traditional virtues.

6:braid hari

this kind womans give us an open-minded feeling,do everything is rigorous,in order to protect their own position and views ,.they usually obstinate,not easy to take others advice.


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