FIVE kinds of bangs style of European and American stars-which one you like?

1. Sandra Bullock

This bangs style returns to Hollywood hairdresser time,the bangs had just cut to the eyes above the edge. Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock is 46 years old, the hair cut once appeared in the Golden

Globe Awards Red Carpet on January of this year which has become popular.

2. Taylor Swift

2011 American Music Awards just ended, Taylor Swift (21 years) won the "artist of the year", "year of the most popular female country singer" and the "year of the most popular country album" three awards.

Although there is no bang modeling on this award,while,go back to her “bangs history”,you will find that she is absolutely the one who follows Sandra Bullock that introduces the thick bang,so do you like it?

3. Leona Lewis

She is known as the of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and worths billions of dollars, won 3 Glamor Award nominations, 1 Golden Globe awards.Leona Lewis is a sweetheart gentle Black Beauty sculpt who is full of power .The bangs is not very heavy, but slightly bending.

4. Serena Williams

Serena is 29 years old and her bangs looks quite passionate,when we see her on the tennis court,because of the need of sport,she usually takes up the bangs by using a hair band,so it looks so different.

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is no longer looking for the ideas through the 60s,and there is a constantly changing trend. The overall shape of her the bangs,is just to cater to the bushy haired Asian women, see!

the hair is really good.


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