Fake scalp lace wigs vs silk stop lace wigs ,which one is better?

Fake scalp is the most be mentioned topic in recent days ,and more and more women would like to try it,silk stop lace wigs has been a kind of wig cap many years.so Fake scalp lace wigs vs silk stop lace wigs ,which one is better?

We would very happy to share all the details of both wig cap to you .

For fake scalp lace wigs,it is just a kind of lace wig covered with a kinds of stretch,it is no the function to hidden the knots.for silk stop lace wig,it is a kind of lace wig cap design to hidden the knots,that means if you see your wig from out side of wig,you can not see the knots,it is totally like scalp.so if you want ask which one is more natural?our answer is silk stop lace wig.

But since fake scalp lace wigs topic had last a long time,there must have its reason,though fake scalp is not natural as silk stop lace wigs,but it is still natual than normal lace wigs.and also it is more thin than silk stop lace wigs.that means it have a better breath for your real scalp.

Produce time,for silk stop lace wigs normally need custom,that means in most situation you need wait around 30days to get your new wig,but for fake scalp lace wigs,you no need wait,it can be shipped fast from stock.normally 3-7days arrive your hand.

From another factor consider,it is the price,we both know silk stop lace wig is expensive .but fake scalp lace wig less expensive.

So if you want your wigs seems natural than normal lace wig,but don’t want pay too much money on that,maybe fake scalp is a good choice for you!


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