European virgin hair products

Recent days there are more and more topics on European virgin human hair products popular,especially human hair lace wigs

and hair extension,women start to pursuit high quality products,they are no satisfy normal hair material,such as Indian hair,Chinese

hair,Brazilian hair and so on.but there many customer have doubt about European hair.

1: does European hair exist?

We had meet many customers ask us about this question,and for sure ,European hair is exsit,but European virgin hair quantity is not

as much as other normal hair.that is why European virgin hair is very expensive.

2:what is the feature of European hair ?

European hair is the softest hair material,and also is the only kind of hair material with natural blonde

color.other kind hair material natural color is black or dark this two kind thing made this kind of hair more access to white

women’s(normally white women buy European hair more) own hair.but it also have a week point,as this kind of hair is too soft,so it can

not be deeply processed.if do deeply processed it is easy to broken.

3:is Russion virgin hair the same with European hair?

Most women always ask us the same question,do you have European virgin hair? Do you have russion virgin hair ? In their imagine

Russion virgin hair is different with European virgin hair.

In fact russion hair is the same as european hair,the only little difference is that russion virgin hair have more natural blonde color than

normal European virgin hair (normal European natural color is brown).

In fact no matter which kind of hair you would like,it depends on many factors,not expensive is the best,match you is the best!


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