Easy to take care of the human hair lace wig

Fashion is changing so fast,also the change of hairstyle.But too frequent change will

do harm to our beautiful hair,this brings the elegant human hair lace wig into our life.Now it is no need

to toss our hair,however we can also make amazing hairstyle.More and more people choose the

human hair lace wig,so how to take care of it?Once you master the care method,

you will find that it is not only effective but also durable.

Human hair lace wig is made by the human hair,so when it need a cleaning maintenance,

so we can just use the usual hair shapoo or other hair care products.The specific operation is as follows:

first,using warm water to wet the hair thoroughly,put shampoo on the hair,and wash it gently.

After being washed clean,put the conditioner or hair mask evenly on the hair,15-20 minutes later, the


can absorb all the nutrients.Then you can just rinse it,using a dry towel to wrap the wet hair to absorb


water.Finally,you can put the human hair lace wig on the wig stand and comb it into a hairstyle you

want and let it dry naturally,or you can wear it and dry it through the hairdryer.


1. when you wash the human hair lace wig,your movement should be gentle.

2. if the hair is long,you need to comb the hair first before you wash it to avoid the following tangle.

3. We can’t wash the wig directly,it should be turned over first,this can prevent the hair from the reverse


4. After being washed,the hair conditioner and mask is a must.This can keep the hair soft and full of


5. For the human hair lace wig,it is not good to wash it so frequently.If you wear it everyday,we

recommend you to wash it 7-15 days/time in summer and 15-30 days/time in winter.You can just try it.

The modeling of human hair lace wig is also easy.To find out the whorls of the hair,and comb the hair

according to the direction of the boundary until it is neat.Blowing the hair with the hairdryer.

When the hair is 90% dry,then you can blow the hair root to do modeling.There are various of hair styling

products you can use,gel water,pomade and elastin are all useful and easy to operate.

Through the above information,you can have the beautiful and healthy hair easily,

even though it is just a human hair lace wig.


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