Dye own hair or wear a lace wig,is that a hard choice ?

Who not change hairstyle?we believe everyone will change them hair every year,sometimes changed the hair color,sometimes change hairstyle.but maybe you will meet such problem,dye own hair or wear a lace wig ?which way is better?

Now we help you find your own heart

1:dye hair

Most young girls not cherish their own hair at all,they dye their hair many times each year,it seems they not care how deeply hurt on their own hair.for young girls dye their own hair seems not a problem.for middle age women they have word to say,because they had experience from girls time.

So what the advantage of dye hair and disadvantage?

Dye hair you can get the exact hair color as you want.that can makes you feel more comfortable and glamour.and compared with lace wigs it absolutely realistic.

But the disadvantage also obvious,first the price for dye hair in salon is not cheap,it normally a few times than lace wigs.and also you should care your hair after dye,that is also very cost money and time,the worst is dye hair deeply hurt your own hair,it need around a few years to recover your hair.

2:lace wigs

There have many kinds of lace wigs for you choose ,from synthetic lace wig to human hair lace wig,from cheap price to high price.it can be widely used between girls and women.the price of lace wigs is also cheaper than dye hair,also no need you pay so many time and more on care lace wigs.the most important is no hurt to your own hair.but compared with dye hair,lace wig also have it own disadvantage.the hair color maybe not as ideal as you dye your own hair,though in most situation most hair color can be done on lace wigs,but the results maybe not as good as on own hair,and also wear lace wigs maybe let you feel unreal(though it most time your own feeling)

So from our opinion for young girl it can dye your own hair.but if you don't want dye,we recommend you choose synthetic hair lace wig to replace,for middle age women,we recommend you use lace wigs,because your hair can not affordable some color dye.if you want change hair color and also want control the price within a resonale price,then lace wigs will be your best choice.


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