Does lace wigs will damage your hair ?

There are many women who are ready to wear lace wigs will have a confused,they don’t know whether wear lace wigs will damaged their own in order to help you learn more about lace wigs,we do a share here for you.

If you want know whether lace wigs damage your hair,the first thing you should make clear how to install a lace wigs.there have few kinds of different types of lace wg cap in market,but usually there have two way to wear lace wigs use glue and without use glue.

When we wear lace wigs,please see the picture:

So according the picture,you can see all your hair had been collect by the wig cap net.and lace wig wear on above of wig by the this way your own hair no touch to lace wigs at all.then also will no damaged to your own hair.if you worry wig cap rub with wig cap net bring bad to your hair.then you can choose full lace wig,not choose lace front wig back by machine wig(machine made wig will more coarse on wig cap than lace).

Maybe someone will ask since used tape or glue ,will that caused damaged to your hair?

You know when wear lace wigs,if you use glue or tape,it is in most condition only used around head.that means glue or tape far away from your own hair,and even you want remove the glue or tape,market also have adhensive remove products.that can help you remove the adhensive very easy.

So wear lace wigs will not damaged your hair,you no need worry for that!just enjoy the happy lace wigs bring you !


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