Do You Really Know How to wear human hair bundles ?

Human hair extensions and lace wigs had already play one very important role in our life.

Wear human hair extensions and lace wigs enhance our looking already is not a is a part of fashion.

If you choose one human hair extension as popular as human hair wigs,it must be human hair bundles.

Acturally most people wear human hair bundles many years.they are very familar with all kinds of texture human hair bundles.and also easy to judge which kind hair bundles is top quality.but do you really know how to wear human hair bundles?

Ok,now let us share our experience with human hair bundles.

1: human hair bundles with lace closure/lace frontal or hair pieces

This way maybe is the most be used by most customers.they more like to sew in human hair bundles together with lace closure or lace this way you can get the most realistic experience.lace closure or lace frontal can creative a perfect hairline for that others can not apart it is your own scalp or lace.

If you are professional on above way ,then congratulations you are already top skill.but we more like to introduce more method for you try.

2:human hair bundles only

Yes,you are this way you no need together any other hair pieces.

It is sew in to your head direct.acturally this way is most be used by before.and for now less people would like to try that.because this way is not as natural as others way.

Here is the method to do.

First braid your own hair like this way,please keep in mind,in front middle must be like that in picture.

Then use the needle sew the hair bundles direct on the braids.but please leave the front middle braid alone.Then the most important part is coming,just open the braids,and middle part that.then your own hair will cover the tracking of the hair bundles.and please do your own hair texture same like texture on hair bundles,then hair bundles will blend with your own hair.Acturaly this way is most take time and money(because it is hard for one people do).and high demand on your skill.but this way the scalp is your own,so from this is more natural than others way.

3:human hair bundles with wig cap.

This way is the hottest and most popular way for now.

It is easy,fast,and affordable this way you just need sew in the hair bundles on wig cap.

And then wear the wig cap like lace is no need high skill.can easy be control by most women.

4: human hair bundles with lace wigs.

When most people see this title.they comes big confused,since already have lace wigs,why should use human hair bundles?

When you bought one lace wigs,have you have such experience that the density on wigs a little low than you imagine ?but you can not add hair to wig this situation.human hair bundles in big help.

You can easy to add one human hair bundles on your lace wigs,then the hair density will meet your demand.

5: human hair bundles with clips.

If you not love all the above ways to wear human hair bundles,then there have another way can make sense for you.

You just cut into the hair bundles into pieces ,and then sew clips on hair bundles,it is become clips hair you can add any place that you want.

If you have any others special way to wear human hair bundles,we welcome you leave message to communicated with us.


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