different way use human hair bundles

Compared with other hair products,human hair bundles look more natural.and it is more easy and

convenient to use.Only a few human hair bundles can easily make your hair from short to long,

from less to more and creat a more glamorous hairstyle.

There are a lot of beautiful girls who love their own hair very much and are fear of the harm that iron

and dye the hair.At the same time,they also really want an unique hair style.If you have human hair

bundles,you don't need to worry about the messy of the hair tail.It can make you look fashion and popular.

Then how to use human hair bundles?After knowing that,you will fall in love with it immediately.

Many fashion girls would like to attach the human hair bundles to their pony tails,besides,brides can

also use it to make their pretty hair style.Even you don’t have a long hair,the hair styling is also ok.

Human hair bundles is the secret weapon for those brides who don't have a long hair

when get married.Through this,they can possess the most beautiful styling.

The first step:you can make you hair middle part,then make 3 small plaits at the fringe place.

The second step:to make 3 small plaits on the other side,the cute fringe hairstyle will make you look

more different.

The third step:to comb the hair on the back.so it is good to cover up the following human hair bundles

The forth step:to wear the human hair bundles,please remember to choose the one which has the

similar color as your own hair color.

The fifth step:after wearing human hair bundles,you can make a bun casually,and then fix it with

black hair clip.Actually,there is no need to be more refined,natural is the best feeling.

The sixth step:to wear some exquisite ornaments on the border of your own hair and human hair bundles

White Ornaments is best because it is the symbol of white and beautiful when you get married. This can

slightly cover traces of human hair bundles.

Finally,the hair style is finished perfectly.And nobody would pay attention to human hair bundles,

there is only beauty.


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