Difference of lace front, lace frontal and lace closure

Most customer can not apart lace front and lace frontal very well,and some of customer think lace front

equal lace frontal.here we help you know them better.

Normally when somebody ask us for lace front,we think she asked is lace front wig,because we named

lace front wig by that way ,and normally we only named lace front back by machine wig is lace front.

Lace frontal and lace closure are a kind of human hair pieces,it is not a wig,

in past article we had explained,the biggest difference between lace closure and lace frontal it is the

construction and size.lace frontal can have many kinds of size such as 10*6,10*8,13*2,13*4,13*6,12*8,

12*4and so on,but lace closure normal have standard size,like 3*4.5,4*4and 5*5.

For construction lace frontal no limited,any size and shape is ok,some even like men’s toupee or half wig

and 3/4wigs.

Though lace front ,lace closure and lace frontal belongs different human hair products,but they still have

some common.

1:hair material

In fact all human hair products are in common on hair material,they all can do indian hair,chinese hair,

brazilian hair,mongolian hair,peruvian hair,malaysian hair and so on.

2:hair style

Hair style is another place all human hair is the same,no matter lace front or lace frontal ,all have wave,

curl,yaki,straight to choose

3:hair density

Both lace front,lace closure,lace frontal all can do different hair density from 100-200.

4:bleach knots

Lace front is hand made in front,and lace closure,lace frontal also have hand made,so they all can be

bleach knots.

5:part way

Lace front,lace closure,lace frontal all can do free style,middle part,and three part.

6:baby hair

Most customer love baby hair,and lace front,lace closure ,lace frontal all can have baby hair.

No matter which kind hair product you choose,just choose the one match you the best.


Service team