difference of 5a,6a,7a grade human hair bundles

Human hair bundles is the hottest human hair extension in the world for now.

It is popular by both black people and white people,but many kinds of different grade human hair bundles

let customer confused,now i will do some explain to you,i believe this can help you understand it well.

The most grade of human hair bundles in market is 5a,6a,7a.and different company have a different

standard for the quality grade.but normally there have two different meaning of that.

first meaning:for some hair factory 5a,6a,7a,stand for different quality.

such as natural color 5a quality human hair bundles only can be dye from color 1#to color4#.

And 6a quality can be dye from color1#till color 33#.7a quality hair can be dye any hair color as you want.

the reason why different grade dye to different color ,it is decided by the hair cuticle.

7a quality human hair bundles unprocessed,so the hair cuticle is all in the same way.

6a quality hair bundles the cuticle also kept,but the cuticle not in the same way,so for some light color,

it is hard to dye.5a quality hair bundles most factory no cuticle,so it only can dye to color4#.

That is why 5a,6a,7a quality human hair bundles price have a big difference.

second meaning :for another kind factory,5a,6a,7a grade quality not stands for the hair quality.

they stands for the hair ratio’s.

Most customer maybe not understand what the ratio’s meaning,but it is easy to understand.

For example: one 20inch human hair bundles,it is not 100% all hair length is 20inch it contain some

18inch,16inch,14inch,12inch,and so on.

So for 5a grade human hair bundles,it contains 22inch 20%,20inch 20%,18inch 10%,16inch 10%,

14inch 10%,12inch 30%,

And 6a grade hair bundles it contains 22inch 30%,20inch 20%,18inch 20%,16inch 10%,14inch 10%,

12inch 10%.

And 7a grade quality it contains 22inch 40%,20inch 20%,18inch 10%,16inch 15%,14inch 15%.

But the hair all is 100% unprocessed virgin hair,and all cuticle in the same direction.

From above you can clearly know why 5a,6a,7a hair material is the same,but price is different,because

different hair length hair percentage is different(this question is the most asked by our customers).

Compared with the two kind method,it is easy to know the second one is the better way.

And this also can help many customer understand why some supplier hair bundles can dye any color,

but some human hair bundles supplier can not dye all color.

For all our company human hair bundles,we all use the second way,that means all our

hair bundles 100% virgin hair,cuticle be kept in the same direction,yu can dye any hair color as you want.

At last,for now in human hair market there have so much different price and quality products.

When you choose your human hair bundles,yu should know what kind of hair you would like.

Here we promise to all our customer,we only do 100% unprocessed virgin hair human hair bundles!


Service team