Deeply Compare Full Lace Wig And Lace Front Back By Machine Wig

Simplely to say there only have three main wig cap construction in market,they are machine made wig,full lace wig and lace front wig.and machine made wig now already less people to strictly to say full lace wig and lace front take up the most market.

Lace front wig had two is all hand made,another is lace front back by machine,all hand made is similar like full lace we compare full lace wig and lace front back by machine wig.

In before article we had already talked the difference on price and cap construction and so here we do a deeply study of this two kinds of wigs cap.

When we wear a lace wig.what will you worry? Maybe you worry whether the glue is strong enough,maybe you worry whether wear full lace wigs will influence your own hair,but there must have people worry,will my own hair will breath well after wear lace wigs? For this question,full lace wig is the best answer.the most advantage of full lace wig,it is the cap air if you wear full lace wig,you will get the best breath of scalp compared with other wig cap.

For lace front back by machine wig,there have two is back with open wefts,another is back with closed wefts.maybe some people will say lace front back with open wefts have a better breath than full lace wig.but besides consider the breath,realitic also another very important factor,lace front back with open wefts easy to expose the wefts track,and another lace front wig is lace front back with stretch,for this kind wig cap you no need worry expose weft track.because it have stretch,but as this stretch,so it is more thick than full lace .

Another problem is the wear experience,full lace cap more flat,because they have no folds.but lace front wig is not as comfortable as full lace wig,because it is back by machine made,so it feels rough,that is not as comfortable as full lace.

If you wear lace wigs very often,then you will know bleach knots,and normally most our customers ask for bleach knots,but if you with lace front wigs,it just can be done in front around hairline,other place can not be bleached,because of it is not hand made in back.

And from cap design view.full lace cap can do many design such as with thin skin,design full lace with stretch from ear to ear and so on.but lace front back machine wigs can not do these.

Then maybe you will confused,is lace front back by machine wig no advantage?the answer is no .

Lace front wig have advantage on price and also shipping time and convenient.

We all know lace front back machine wig much cheaper than full lace wig,and the produce time also more faster than full lace lace front wig usually with adjust strip in back,and aslo combs on it can be glueless if you want.that bring much more also can reduce the chance for hair tangle.

Anyway,it is best only when it fits you .


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