Clips in hair extension

When we pay more attention on wefts hair extensions,there have others popular hair extensions as well,clips in hair extensions one of

the best choose for both white women and black women.But not all people can know clips in hair extension very know it well is


1:how clips in hair extensions be done?

In fact clips in hair extension is similar to weft hair extensions,when do clips hair,usually do weft hair extensions at first,and then cut into

the wefts hair extension into pieces according to customer demand,(normally there have 7pieces,9pieces,11pieces and so on)and then

sew in clips to the wefts hair extension.

2:why choose clips hair extension

Clips hair extension is no harmful to your own hair,and the most important that it is the most convenient than other kinds hair extension,

you can handle that totally by yourself,no need go to salon or find stylist.and you can take and put anytime as you want.

3:who can use clips hair extension.

In past days,clips hair extension most be used on white women,but as the hair products is hot,clips hair extension also in big demand

on black women,especially kinky straight clips hair extension.

4:how can let clips hair seems more reality.

No matter which kind hair extension you wear,the most important thing is to keep reality.clips hair extension also the same,normally

should take care of the clips and line color,it should match the hair color.

And the last thing is that,when you choose the clips in clips hair please choose the clips with silicone.that can help you reduce harm to

hair,and also will not rust.


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