Can i wear wig without a wig cap ?

When we talked about wearing a wig,most people are very familiar with that,use a wig cap collect all your hair,then put the wigs after that.but we also had met some customers asked us can i wear wig without a wig cap?

Before we start today topic,let us see who wear lace wigs?

Normally there have two kinds women wear wigs,one is they have their own hair,and another is they no their hair (some women because of cancer,they lost their hair).

For women who have their own hair.if your own hair very short,and the hair very can wear lace wigs need wear a wig cap.but if you wear the wig without wig cap,there have a problem,because your own hair keep growing.that will lead the hair become not regular,in this situation,that will let your wigs not smooth.that will leads the wig looks not natural,and you also not feeling well with the our advice is if you have own hair,we recommend you use a wig cap before wear a lace wig.

For women who no their own hair.for these women usually have a strict with wigs.because their scalp is very first when they choose wigs,there have some limited.first they can not wear lace front wig or machine wefts wigs,because wefts on machine wig is coarse,that is harm to your scalp.and for women who no their own hair,they can wear the wigs without wig cap.but it should must real swiss lace or real french lace (we said this ,because we know some factory use fake swiss lace and fake french lace).because real swiss lace and real french lace have a kill bacteria function.and also have a great breathability.that is good for your scalp.and their also have a another good is thin skin lace wigs.thin skin lace wigs can let the scalp feel more comfortable.because thin skin lace wig more soft than lace.but thin skin not as good as lace on breathability.

So no matter you have your own hair or not have your own hair,we hope this article can help you better,if you have any question want discuss with us about lace wigs,you can send us email,we would like to answer you all questions.


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