Brazilian virgin hair - your best choice

With the development of human hair products industry,more and more kinds of hair products appears.

It can meet the demand of different person.Different hair products have different roles in the process

of wearing,and they are made from different materials.Because of the large demand of hair products,

obviously,the raw material is very important.Usually,there are Indian virgin hair,Chinese virgin hair,

Brazilian virgin hair,malaysian virgin hair,Peruvian virgin hair,European virgin hair and so on.

These hair material all have some differences even if they are all human hair.

1,Chinese virgin hair is currently widely used in the world as the hair products raw material,

and its demand is quite largest .More and more people choose chinese hair.

China is a country with a large population.Chinese hair is a little bit hard compared with others.

But it can be dyed after the acid treatment,and it can be shaped after finished.

It is popular during white people,because they can do various kind of color.

2.Indian hair is soft and not straight as Chinese hair,also,it has small wave.

After the chemical treatment,it may be broken,and don’t have a strong plasticity.

3.Brazilian virgin hair is usually thin evenly and fine.Its texture is soft but it has toughness.

brazilian virgin hair is the material that designed to make the high-grade hair products,

so the price is relatively deserves.

4.The color of European hair is more close to the local cosumer market.

And it is currently the most expensive raw material.European virgin hair is the most soft and thin,

not suitable for dying and processing.It is usually used as human hair bundles and full lace wig .

Brazilian virgin hair is the hottest products.This is not for others,just for the high quality of it.

It is suitable for making almost all kinds of human hair products,such as full lace wig,

silk top lace wig,lace front wig,human hair bundles and so on.It can be dyed and modeled

just as you want.and you can deal with it easily.

what’s more,Brazilian virgin hair has better quality and price.


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