Blonde color human hair full lace wigs

We both know full lace wig is not only popular through black woman,it is also popular during white

woman,but it is still some difference between white women full lace wigs and black women human hair

lace color is one of the most big difference.the most popular color of white women it is the

blonde color human hair full lace wigs.

Blonde color have many kinds,such as dark blonde,brown blonde ,and platinum blonde.

Now let us talk the platinum blonde full lace wigs.

First ,not all hair material can do platinum blonde hair full lace wigs,we all know platinum blonde is be

deep processed,so in order to keep good quality,we must choose the hair material 100% unprocessed

cuticle virgin hair.

Second,for now no factory can do pure white hair,so platinum blonde is the most accessed to white

blonde color,but as the hair material problem,there will have little difference on color.

Third,when we dye our own hair temperature will cause influence,the same sense platinum blonde color

on full lace wig also will caused by temperature,so when you care the wigs,you should take care of that.

Forth,not like black color full lace wigs,it can do all kinds of hair texture ,such as kinky yaki,loose curl,

african curl,and so on,but platinum blonde hair full lace wigs can not do small curl,because the curl on

the hair can not last long time,so straight and big wave is a great choice.


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