Bleach knots full lace wigs

When women wear full lace wigs ,hair extensions,hair pieces,what the most thing they worry?

Most people maybe say quality,quality is very important it is true,but besides quality,i think the most

important thing they worry it is the realistic,everyone don’t hope other people found they wear a full lace

wigs or a hair extension,though professional stylist can help you got that,but the product also should

have realistic feature.

Silk top full lace wigs is a good way to hidden knots,but the price is not everyone can order

to solution this problem,bleach knots full lace wigs comes.

More women like bleach knots full lace wigs,but how it comes and how it working?here let us see


We both know full lace wigs is 100% made by hand,and the hair is be crocheted to lace by hook,in order

to make the hair fixed strong,it should tie a knot,now all our full lace wig double knots,then bleach knots

function is to made the knots seems more accessed to scalp.

Bleach knots is a processed bleach the knots it should moderation,because if bleach too slight,

it can not realistic,but if you bleach too deep,the knots will broken,then will cause hair shedding.normally

all our full lace wigs is slightly bleached,it can realistic and meanwhile the knots still strong,but

sometimes some customer ask us to do deeply bleach knots on full lace wigs.hope this explain can

help them understand better.

Please note not all hair color can be bleach knots,and also not all color full lace wigs need bleach knots,

normally blonde color full lace wigs and brown color full lace wigs no need bleach,because the hair knots

already accessed to scalp,so only black color full lace wigs need do bleach,but color 1# full lace wigs

can not be bleached,all factory in the world can not bleached,so when you choose bleach knots full lace

wigs,please note that.

Finally some customer like bleach full lace wigs by themselves,here we recommend you ,if you are not

professional,we not recommend you do that,it is broken the full lace wigs.

Only familiar with full lace wigs and then can enjoy full lace wigs well!


Service team