a girl with nine pieces lace wigs

there have a film named a girl with nine pieces lace wig,the girl named sophie ,she have cancer,and she use nine pieces lace wigs experienced nine different life.

what i want to say is not this film,we should find some actively and optimistic things through this film, a people who have cancer need us more attention,more and more people lost their hair because of disease,loose hair made them lost confidence,then importance of wigs display,wigs can help yu recover confidence,even made yu more beautiful than before,and yu also no need worry damaged your own hair,yu can change any hairstyle as yu like.

lace wigs for now is not just for patient,it is already become a fashion and trend,there have a saying : change a hairstyle ,change the mood,so when yu feel bad ,yu can try to change a hairstyle,besides this everyone have their own personality,for some reason personality is not easy to express,then yu can imitate sophie,through change lace wigs to express yourself,to show different ,i believe many girls have a wardrobe,for now yu should consider made a place for your lace wigs.and then yu will have same experienced like sophie:

Wan Rou Stella: a little mom, a little mom.. Have anxiety and anxiety personality.
Omar: seemingly glamorous beauty tip, but hidden in a sentimental heart.
Innocent small pan: from Hollywood, a girl next door kind.
Wild little Su: full of personality, and full of confidence. Love laughs and wild.
Calm Brandi: a pretty short, but introverted quiet.
Daisy Bobbi: Madness and fun, like the limelight, pink lip gloss is necessary.
Babe: noble Russian descent. Like a club, travel to many other countries.
Lydia: sweet gentle temperament, standard student lover.
Sexy Tina: love adventure, mature charm, charm can not stop.
Real Sophie: both strong and fragile, love fantasy and actual Gemini.


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