bleach knots

before order a lace wig from us ,most customer will ask us a question,is the wig bleached ?

but what is bleach ? bleach is a way use acid to let the knots become lighter,so when you wear the wig,the knots can more access to the head skin.that will makes more natural.that is why most people would like to bleach knots lace wig.

normally all our wigs bleached around perimeter ,and if you want full head bleach we also can do for you .

some customer also will ask us,can they bleach by themself? my advice is no .we both know hair is be sew in the lace,and the knots is be used to make the hair more strong to lace,and if you bleached too deeply,then yu will broken the knots,then it will bring shedding,so that is the reason i am not suggestion you bleach,so if you really want bleach as your demand,just tell our workers,we will do perfect job for you !


Service team